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"Each of Us is Spirit in a material form"- Bruce Lipton

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Other types of Bodywork, Massage & Energy Healing  that We Offer

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

As a massage and Manual Lymph Drainage therapist, I help people with intuitive and caring touch  to recover from injuries, surgeries and chronic pain.

 MLD, is a gentle skin massage that helps move extra fluid from an area that is swollen ( or at risk of becoming swollen), into an area where the lymph nodes are working properly. This is done by stimulating contractions of lymphatic vessels.

The technique applies light strokes to mimic the pumping action of lymphatic vessels and encourages lymph flow. When healthy movements of the lymphatic flow become restricted, whether from compromised health, surgeries, restrictive clothing such as bras, or even tense posture, toxins can accumulate and potentially lead to disease. MLD ensured healthy lymphatic flow throughout the body, helping the immune system to function effectively. Surgeries, radiation and soft tissue injuries disrupt the architecture of the lymphatic vessels and nodes. Scar tissues and fascial restrictions can also interrupt or restrict the superficial lymphatic flow. Swelling impedes the healing process after surgeries and injuries.

During cancer treatment, is preferably to allow a minimum of 2 days after chemotherapy infusion because It is important for the chemo to do its work and it is preferably do not stimulate the lymphatic system at the same time.

 For post surgeries, Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be apply usually 48 hours after surgery and always under your doctor's approval. Healing  varies from person to person; but most clients achieve symptomatic relief within 1-6 sessions.

Each sessions is 60 min duration. Treatment packages are available.

Medical Massage

Post-op Plastic Surgery Recovery Massage Therapy: This type of massage session is focused on reducing swelling, bruising and fibrosis/fibrotic scar tissue after plastic surgery. Surgeries include mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, liposuction, BBLs and breast (reduction, lifts, explants, augmentation).

One of the side effects of plastic surgery is swelling. This is a normal inflammatory response and a part of the healing process. Body procedures, particularly tummy tucks and liposuction, often cause additional swelling as excess fluid and fat cells will harden within a few weeks of surgery. Lymphatic drainage massage helps move the fluid that’s built up and allows it to move back into the lymphatic passages where excess waste and fluid can be flushed from the body. This prevents fibrosis, which is the development of thick, fibrous scar tissue under the skin as well as reduces swelling and bruising.

We can bring our services to the comfort of your home  and extra transportation fees may apply.

Each session is 60 min duration.Treatment packages are available. 


Self care after plastic Surgery Kathleen Lisson



Medical Massage Therapy for oncology support: According to The Society for Oncology Massage, Oncology massage is the adaptation of massage techniques to safety nurture the body of someone affected by cancer or its treatments. An oncology-trained massage therapist has completed comprehensive training in massage therapy as well as additional specialized training that address the side effects of cancer and its treatments.  An oncology trained therapist is able to recognize and safely work within a framework of clinical considerations to provide a safe, satisfying and therapeutic oncology massage. An oncology trained therapist will adapt for:

Low blood cell counts, blood clots, bone metastases, radiation or surgery, fatigue or bone pain, removal of lymph nodes, lymphedema, peripheral neuropathy, skin, hair and nail changes, medications, medical devices, late and long-term effects of treatment. 

Reported Benefits of oncology massage are:

-Reduce pain & fatigue.

-Decrease anxiety and nausea.

-Improve sleep.

-Easy isolation.

-Enhance body image.

-Nurture well being.

- & the most important-it just feels good!.

Even after people are out of treatment, receiving bodywork from an oncology therapist is important due to the potential for late  effects of treatment; therefore, this is an excellent therapy also for cancer rehab because it can help with scars and mild lymphedema.

We can bring our services to the comfort of your home  and extra transportation fees may apply.

Each session is 60 min duration.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Massage

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient holistic healing treatment originating from Japan, which uses gentle touch to balance and recharge Body, Mind & Spirit. Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio philosophy is an art of harmonizing the life energy "Qi" of the physical body.

It helps to remove blockages and keep the Qi flowing by tapping into the body's energy path via 26 "safety energy locks" that are energy points in the body similar to acupuncture points. This gentle non- invasive therapy does not use lotion or body manipulation and the client is fully clothed during treatment and it involves soft touch in each of  the 26 energy locks according with the needs of the client. There are not contraindications for receiving this treatment and it could be a great treatment for a geriatric patient due to the gentleness of the touch and calming effect. At the beginning of the session the therapist will ask some questions about life style and  read the pulse of the client to find out what is the best treatment for the client. A Jin Shin Jyutsu session should leave you feeling calm an relax. It is recommended not to plan anything too demanding after the session has finished. 

 JSJ could help with a range of conditions such as Digestive, Circulatory, Respiratory problems, anxiety, body aches and much more. 

Each session is 60 min duration.  




Relax JSJ Self Help Holding your fingers 

Relax JSJ Free Self Help

What do Expect during JSJ sessions


*Disclaimer: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Massage & JSJ are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment by a primary care physician. Please consult with your health care provider regarding medical diagnosis and medical treatment for illnesses or conditions.

Tameana Energy Crystal Healing 

Tameana is a term that was developed by Argentinian Energy healer Juan Manuel Giordano. It refer to a system of energy healing that involves working with crystals, symbols and the body's energy field to facilitate healing and balance. Tameana is a Pleidian channeled energetic healing technique. It is a doorway into Us and to our awareness. 


Tameana, the Sacred Triangle or Salush Nahi, was defined as a practice that came from the starts in Ancient Lemuria.
This technique has the capacity to concentrate a large amount of high frequency energy in a controlled environment or closed circuit. Consisting of quartz crystal tips in a pyramid shape. This high frequency energy has the ability to remove blockages from a client's energy field, taking them to place of peace and tranquility.  However, there is much more happening during a Tameana session since the energy work has an effect on all of the client's planes of existence. It works on all the levels of the body and has not linear times and the issues that need to be address and heal  can be in the present, past and future times.


In addition to working with crystals, Tameana healing also involves the use of symbols, which are thought to hold energetic vibrations that can be used to support the healing process. These symbols may be drawn in the air or visualized during a healing session.

Overall, Tameana crystal healing aims to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by working with the body's energy field to promote balance and harmony.



 Remote Energy Healing

Besides Remote B.E.S.T We also offer Remote Energy Healing  base on The Energy Codes taught by Dr. Sue Morter . Energy Healing works just as effectively as hands-on healing because accessing the energy body we are working in all aspect of an individual. We are energy and Everything is energy!. We are consciousness funneling in this physical body to live in this 5 senses physical being. We are more than the body and the Mind and our purpose in this life experience is to discover our Creatorship and living as a Soulful Self.  Quantum physics is suggesting that consciousness (awareness of ourselves and our environment) exists independently of the brain, and is not localized to any particular point in time or space, i.e. it is nonlocal; in other words,  healing energy,  can get transferred over long distances because we are all connected through a common consciousness.

The goal of energy healing is to restore the balance of Energy to support physical, mental and emotional well being.  For an Energy Codes Remote Energy Healing, the client just needs to be comfortable and relax, open to receive without expectations, the energy healer will start with a short meditation and after that, will remain silence working with the energy of the client .  This session could be by zoom, phone or completely remote ( no phone or zoom).

*Energy Healing is considered part of the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (the “CAM Methods”). Our therapist is not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other licensed healthcare provider and does not provide psychological, medical diagnosis, treatments, or any other medical service in her sessions. Instead, She offers her services with the intention to assist her clients in restoring balance & energetic flow in the body, thereby, creating the opportunity to the body to heal naturally.

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