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My Journey

Get to know a little bit of my history and trajectory through the path of spirituality & bodywork!


Claudia is a natural empath & intuitive healer facilitator. CC went to the field of Bodywork & Energy Healing for the same reason many healers find themselves in this field; a sports accident few years ago brought her into not only a state of pain; but also a state of questioning: How do I heal? After dealing with pain and inflammation and trying everything in the traditional medical field with no results, she decided to heal herself from within. 

CC was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and grew up in a traditional family linked to the

field of social, humanity, and political sciences so it wasn’t a surprise that, following the family tradition,  she graduated as a Lawyer working in this field for some years until She discovered her passion.

Her path to becoming a Healer began with her own desire to deeply understand the mind, body & spirit connexion guided by her intuition. Living in Peru, Claudia had the opportunity to participate in a  Shamanic ceremony in the Andeans. During the ceremony, CC felt that her real passion in life was revealed: She was meant to empower others with the ability of self healing and   to aid the healing journey to health and wellness. In 2002 Claudia quit her career as a lawyer and  She started her path of self-discover.

After graduating in Cosmiatria and Massage Therapist she became a Holistic bodywork therapist working successfully in her own business in Lima called "Thai Spa Holistic Wellness Studio" where she worked and teach along with a group of like-minded professionals in alternative medicine & bodywork. Through her journey of self-discovery, she found her true passion and purpose in various forms of natural, holistic and spiritual therapies facilitating people in their awakening in spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance. In the same way, CC became a Vipassana meditator and She specialized in Manual Lymphatic drainage  massage, working for few years  with MD plastic surgeons offering pre and post op natural treatments. Also, Claudia had the opportunity of volunteering in The National Institute of Cancer- Peru, working in a special program called "Aprendo Contigo"which fundamental objective is to accompany the pediatric patient during his/her hospitalization and/or medical treatment through task of typical childhood: learning and play.

During her years as a volunteer,  CC had also the opportunity to offer massage & aromatherapy treatments to the pediatric patients always under the supervision and approval of the doctors and this, by far, was an enrichment and unforgettable experience.

Years passed and She relocated to Las Vegas and it wasn't until 2019 that CC could go back to her passion and purpose in Life.  COVID pandemic forced her to sell her former business and this was an opportunity for CC to start all over again. Currently, Claudia works in her own Studio and She is a volunteer at The Caring Place, an adult Service Program of The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

 "My passion is to help others relieving and eliminating suffering so people can heal from within and discover their innate abilities to become the BEST version of themselves". 


Infinity Love & Gratitude. 


"Learning is not a destination, it is a continuous process"- Kevin Horsley

-LMT License Massage Therapist State of Nevada.

-CMIP Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner.

-B.E.S.T.  Certified Bio-Field Energetic Synchronization pract

-Spurgeon Method. Medical Breast Massage practitioner.

-MFR JB Myofascial Release practitioner.

-MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioner.

-Remote B.E.S.T Practitioner Graduate. Dr. Sue Morter

-Introduction to Remote Healing Graduate Dr. Sue Morter.

-BBIA Biofield Balance Intuitive Assessment Graduate.

-TAMEANA Crystal Energy Healing practitioner.

 -TMC. Certified Thai Massage  Practitioner by Chiang Mai Massage School, Thailand.

-Licenciada en Cosmiatria y Massages. Ministerio de Educacion Lima, Peru. 2004.

-BS Bachelor of Social Science/Professional Title Lawyer. Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazon.

Lima, Peru.  


Seminars, Training + Classes:

-Herbs for Fascia, Tension and Pain. Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalist- August 2023.

-The Spurgeon Method Breast Massage Advance -August, 2023.

-The Spurgeon Method Breast Massage Basic -August 2023.

-JB Myofascial Release I Seminar repeating -June 2023.

-JB Myofascial Cervical Thoracic Seminar -June 2023.

-The Quantum Biology of Trauma Course by Dr Catherine Clinton NC. April 2023.

-Certificate of Completion in Ethics, Legal Issues & Risk Management Strategies in the Practice of Energy Healing Methods. Feb 2023.

-B.E.S.T Practitioner Review Training. Feb 2023.

-Tameana Crystal Energy Healing. Jan  2023.

-Medical Intuitive II practitioner Level Certification. The Practical Path- Wendie Colter. Feb-June 2023.

-Medical Intuition I : Biofield Balance Intuitive Assessment. Practical Path-Wendie Colter. Oct 2022.

-Advance Secrets of Frequency Medicine, Sonic Science & Cymatics. John Stuard Reid. Oct 2022-Jan 2023.

-Jin Shin Jiutsu The Healing Mudras with Kelly Mount.

Nov. 2022.

-Introduction to Remote Healing. Dr. Sue Morter. Nov 2022.

- Remote B.E.S.T Transmission and Training. Oct. 2022.

-Remote Viewing Masterclass Angela T. Smith. August 2022.

-Jin Shin Jyutsu. Basic Seminar II. 35 hours Practitioner Level with Kelly Mount.  August 2022.

-Jin Shin Jiutsu. Basic Seminar I. 35 hours Practitioner Level with Iole Arjanzan. July 2022.

-B.E.S.T Practitioner Certification. June 2022.

-JB Myofascial Release I. San Diego March. 2022

-Energy Healing Training Experience I Certification. Start Magic. Jerry Sargeant. February 2022

-Jin Shin Jiutsu Self Care.  Sara Harper. May 2021.

-JB Myofascial Release Healing Seminar. Sedona April 2021.

-Lynne McTaggart Intention Master course Graduate. Class of 2021.

-Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop. School of Remembering of Drunvalo Melchizedek. Taught by Viola Rose. 2021.

-The Silva Ultramind Method . Mindvalley 2020.

-Energy Healing. Reconnective Healing Dr Eric Pearl Level I. 2020

-Reiki I, II ,III Centro Holistico De Desarrollo Humano, Lima, Peru. 2005.

-10 days Retreat Vipassana Buddhist Meditation as taught by S.N Goenka. Dhamma Suriya Center. Peru 2004.

-Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Method- AllSkin Institute. Lima Peru 2004.

-Reflexology I, II. Moving Zen Holistic Center. Peru 2003

-Aromatherapy I, II. Moving Zen Holistic Center. Peru 2003.

-Certified fitness trainer kickboxing " Cardio Combat" by

Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo del Deporte. Lima-Perú. 2002.

-Certified Muay Thai trainer by Peruvian National Association of Muay Thai- Kick Boxing. 2002.


Constantly learning...

-Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D., specialty Holistic Life

Counseling. University of Metaphysical/U. Sedona Dec 2022-present.

-Qigong & Taichi taught by Violet Li. 12th Generation Chen Inheritor and a Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. 2021-present.

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