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My Journey

Get to know a little bit of my history and trajectory through the path of spirituality & bodywork!


Claudia is a natural empath & intuitive Healing facilitator.

Her path to becoming a body work practitioner & Healing Facilitator began with her own desire to deeply understand the mind, body & spirit connection guided by her intuition.

In 2002  She started her path of self-discover and She decided to quit a successful career as a lawyer, to pursue her dreams.

After graduating as an Esthetician and Massage Therapist, she got  certified as a Vodder  Manual Lymphatic Drainage  therapist working for few years  with MD plastic surgeons offering pre/ post op natural treatments. At the same time, she became the managing director of  "Thai Spa Holistic Wellness Studio" in Lima, where she provided therapeutic body and skin treatments  along with a group of like-minded professionals in alternative medicine & bodywork. Through her journey of self-discovery, she found her true passion and purpose in various forms of natural, holistic and spiritual therapies facilitating people in their awakening in spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance. In the same way, CC became a Vipassana Meditator and traveled to Thailand to learn Thai massage, hot herbal compress massage & Muay Thai. 

Also, CC had the opportunity of volunteering for few years in The National Institute of Cancer- Peru. 

Years passed and She relocated to Las Vegas and for some years She worked as a real estate agent & as a managing director of an income tax franchise office in Las Vegas; but always with the intention of some day, come back to her real purpose in life.

The opportunity arises in 2020 when She got injured practicing Muay Thai. After dealing with pain and inflammation and not finding solution in the traditional medicine field, CC decided to heal herself from within. This was a point in her life where she rediscovered her gifts and her body's own ability of healing itself supported by alternative medicine.

While recovering from her injury, COVID pandemic forced her to sell her former business and at this point in her life, she decided to go back to what She really loves. 

 Currently, CC is volunteering at The Caring Place, an adult Service Program of The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation & offering her services with Infinity Healing Studio. 


 "I will not rescue you. For you are not powerless. I will not fix you. For you are not broken. I will not heal you. For I see you in your wholeness. I will walk you through the darkness as you remember your Light"-The Medicine Woman's Prayer .


Infinity Love & Gratitude. 


"Learning is not a destination, it is a continuous process"- Kevin Horsley

-LMT Licensed Massage Therapist State of Nevada.

-CMLDT Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist.

-TSM Certified Spurgeon Method of Breast Massage practitioner.

-Certified Medical Oncology Massage practitioner.

-JB MFR-John Barnes  Myofascial Release practitioner MFR I twice, Cervical Thoracic, Healing Seminar.

-CMIP Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner with The Practical Path- Wendy Colter, MCWC, CMIP.

-  B.E.S.T Certified Bio-Field Energetic Synchronization Technique practitioner. Morter Institute, Dr Sue Morter.

-Licensed Esthetician & Massage Therapist. Department of Education of Peru.

-BS Bachelor of Social Science/Professional Title Lawyer. Sacred Heart's Women University, Lima, Peru.


Seminars, Training + Classes: 

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